Make-up for Beginners: learn doing make-up like a Pro – Course Review

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

As a fashion blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance my skills and take my content to the next level. Recently, I stumbled upon an online course on Udemy called “Training Course on Professional Makeup for Beginners” by Make-up Artist, Educator, Make-up school founder Lana Vallo.

I decided to give it a try and I have to say I was not disappointed. The course is supervised by a professional makeup artist with years of experience in this field. She guides you through the basics of makeup including skin care, foundation, concealer, eyes, lips and more. The course is aimed at beginners, but offers a lot of valuable information for more experienced people as well.

One of the things I liked most about this course was the amount of detail in each lesson. The instructor covered everything from different types of makeup brushes and how to use them to different skin types and how to choose the right products for each. He also gave tips and tricks to help you achieve a professional finish.

The course was full of exercises, which made it possible to practically apply the acquired knowledge. Overall, I think this course was a great investment for anyone interested in learning about makeup application. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to learn something new and valuable.

– The instructor is thorough and covers everything you need to know as a beginner
– The knowledge given is invaluable
– The instructor shows how to use the products very well
– PDF files and quizzes are included in each lesson to make it interactive
– The course is very detailed and has a good teaching method
– The course teaches techniques and skills useful for makeup artists

– The course does not provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the subject. makeup, which can make it difficult for new people to understand and apply the concepts taught.