Review&Coupon: Digital Marketing Business With Google My Business

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Coupons expire after 1000 subscriptions so hurry up to take this opportunity!

Are you a small business owner looking to expand your online presence? Then consider “Digital Marketing Business With Google My Business – 2022” by Yasir Ahmed who is an experienced digital marketing expert. He is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher, and he shares complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

The course covers a wide range of topics including:

– Setting Up and Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile
– Using Google My Business to Improve Local SEO
– Using Google My Business to Generate Leads and Sales
– Using Google My Business to Manage Your Reputation

One thing I found particularly helpful about this course is that it is designed specifically for small business owners. As a small business owner myself, I realized that the course offered me  a lot of great tips and strategies that I can immediately implement in my own company. The course also has many video tutorials which I found very useful. I am a visual learner and the videos allowed me to see the techniques in action in real time, making the strategies easier  to understand and repeat.

Overall, I would recommend this course to any small business owner looking to expand their online presence. The course is available on Udemy with a free coupon (as of this writing). In conclusion, this course is full of valuable information, real-life examples and actionable strategies to help you improve your online presence and grow your business. So don’t wait any longer, take the course and start seeing results for your small business today!